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Detroit Multi-Media Artist Sacramento Knoxx Discusses New Album

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Image credit: Photo Courtesy of the Artist

The plan for 2018 is to “create wildly in the winter and share stories.”

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Photo Courtesy of the Artist
Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Producer, videographer, and storyteller Sacramento Knoxx has been collaborating with creatives in Detroit, and around the world, for years.

Whether in a hip hop beat, short film, or visual installation, the Southwest-based multimedia artist incorporates ancestral knowledge and new media technologies in his work.

Knoxx’s latest instrumental project, Aadizookaanan Anaamaagon, translates from the indigenous language of Anishnaabe to Stories Under the Snow.

Knoxx speaks with WDET’s Gus Navarro about the new album and what inspired the project.

Stories Under the Snow represents the transition from winter to spring.

According to Knoxx, he got together with friends and family and made a plan to “create wildly in the winter and share stories and emerge them in the spring…so that’s the concept of this album.”

Click on the audio player above for the full conversation. 


Gus Navarro, Associate Producer

Gus Navarro is an Associate Producer for Detroit Today, helping produce the show and bring a passion for learning about Detroit and collaborating with others.


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