Sam’s Jams 006: Holy Name of Mary Choral Family - He’ll Give Us What We Really Need

Sam Beaubien is WDET’s Creative Director and longtime bandleader for the Detroit funk + soul group Will Sessions. He’s been playing music for more than 20 years and is also an avid record collector. 

A rare gospel track released out of Chicago in 1986 on Delta Records. It was coveted by record collectors, but brought out of obscurity when it was sampled by Kanye West on the track “On Sight” from his album Yeezus. This version of the recording has become a favorite and is sped up with the record playing at a faster speed than it was intended for, making it more suitable for DJ’s.


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Sam Beaubien

Engineer & Producer

Sam is the founder and leader of the acclaimed ensemble, Will Sessions, a premier Detroit ensemble.  

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