Michigan Meteorite to Hit the Auction Block

Mark Mauthner/Christie’s

Many in Michigan seemed to have Meteorite Fever last month after a fireball exploded over the state, showering debris across stretches of Metro Detroit.

Those fragments of meteorite are very rare. And very valuable.

So much so that Christie’s auction house is including one of them in an exhibit and will put it up for sale, in London and online, in April.

The curator helping arrange the exhibit is the New York-based Macovich Meteroite Collection’s Darryl Pitt.

He saya the items in Christie’s meteorite exhibit, except for the Michigan fragment, are available for bids online until Wednesday morning.

But even though the Michigan meteorite won’t be up for auction until April, Pitt tells WDET’s Quinn Klinefelter the fragment is already one of the stars of the show.


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Here’s one of the many, many videos of the meteorite hitting Michigan:

Image credit: science@nasa.gov

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