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West African Folklore Comes to Jazz Cafe

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Image credit: PuppetArt Theater

PuppetArt Theater is presenting their puppet show Oh, Ananse, this weekend at the Jazz Cafe at the Music Hall.

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Detroit’s PuppetArt Theater is presenting a play with roots in Ghana’s storytelling lore. The performance, which takes place tomorrow [Sunday] afternoon at the Jazz Café at the Music Hall, tells the tale of Ananse —the master of all stories. WDET’s Annamarie Sysling spoke with Nicholas Pobutsky, a puppeteer and the Technical Director of PuppetArt Theater, about the puppet show and what the theater has been up to since moving out of their downtown location last year. 

Annamarie Sysling, Environmental Reporter and Producer, Detroit Today

Annamarie Sysling is a producer for “Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson.” When she’s not at work, Sysling is likely walking or biking somewhere in the city, listening to a neuroscience podcast or eating ice cream.

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