Fetal Tissue Research Stopped As University Probes MI Connection

The University of New Mexico has suspended its fetal tissue research after reports a researcher transferred the tissue to a private company in Michigan.

The university has also barred Dr. Robin Ohls from her laboratory while it investigates.

Jessica Dyer is a reporter for the Albuquerque Journal. The newspaper obtained an internal memo in which Ohls asks for reimbursement for the cost of sending the tissue to the Michigan-based Zeitchik Research Institute.

Apparently the concern was that she was transferring fetal tissue to a private enterprise in Michigan,” Dyer said. “And they were concerned…that there might have been a violation of the university’s policy not to buy or sell human tissue.”

The tissue was procured from an Albuquerque abortion clinic. Zeitchik Research Institute did not respond to our requests for information.

Image credit: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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