Bannon Tells Macomb County GOP Stick With Trump to Win in 2018

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Former White House advisor Steve Bannon told Republicans in Michigan the GOP can repeat the kind of electoral triumph Donald Trump had a year ago if it does not shy away from the President.

Bannon spoke at a GOP dinner in Macomb County, one of a handful of areas that put Trump over the top in last year’s election.

The Breitbart executive chairman says Trump won in Macomb County because he could “look hardworking people in the eye” and tell them he would fight against “economic hate crimes” aimed at U.S. workers, especially outsourcing manufacturing jobs overseas.

Bannon echoed the President in blaming recent GOP defeats in states like Virginia on candidates he says strayed too far from Trump.

He says Virginia Republican gubernatorial hopeful Ed Gillespie used some of Trump’s populist playbook, but not enough of it.

You can’t fake the Trump agenda. You have to go all in. And this agenda is a winning agenda. Do not believe the opposition party. Do not believe the fake news. It’s a winning ticket,” Bannon says.

He also pledged to continue his war on what he calls establishment Republicans in Congress who fail to enact Trump’s plans.

Bannon says what worked for the President a year ago is still a winning formula if GOP Congressional candidates stay on board the Trump train. 

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Protests for and against President Trump surrounded Steve Bannon’s speech to the Macomb County GOP

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What Donald Trump’s entire campaign was about was to give voice to the voiceless. He’s had some victories and he’s had some defeats…Most of the defeats are because the Republican establishment cannot execute on the plan,” Bannon says.

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He says Republican lawmakers should fall in line on issues like the President’s tough stance in renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Bannon left the Macomb County stage to the strains of the Talking Heads song “Burning Down the House.”


Click the audio link above to hear excerpts of Steve Bannon’s speech to the Macomb County Republican Party Unity Dinner                              

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