Learn about Detroit’s past with ‘Notorious 313’ walking tours

Notorious 313 True Crimes and Ghost Tours reveal true stories from Detroit’s past, many take places in parts of the city that you see or maybe walk by every day.


Karin Risko is the director of City Tour Detroit. Risko started Notorious 313 in the Fall of 2011 and since then it has grown to into five different tours such as Foreboding Fort Street and Ghastly Greektown. “History is rarely pretty,” Risko says when talking about how Notorious 313 got started.


Notorious 313 consists of many walking tours and has even featured a few bus tours. Participants who go on these tours will learn about Detroit’s past front page stories as well as some that are not so distant.  Karen encourages participants to listen, talk, and ask questions as well as downloading a ghost tracking app that is used to help located and allow spirits who still may be around to make contact throughout the tour.


Ripped from the headlines of Detroit’s past, and not so distant past, this chilling look at the city’s sinister side reveals a reality that’s much more frightening than fiction.”


Listen to WDET’s Amanda Jurysta talk with Notorious 313’s Karin Risko.


Image credit: Andrew Jameson / CC

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