Voter Voices: Residents Talk about How Detroit’s Doing [MAP]

Detroit elections matter to those who live and work in the city, and WDET wanted to hear what people had to say about issues in advance of the Nov. 7 voting.

Click on points on the map to “meet” some of Detroit’s residents and workers and learn what matters to them:  

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Image credit: Melissa Mason/WDET

This post is a part of 2017 Local Elections: How’s metro Detroit doing?.

2017 Local Elections: How’s metro Detroit doing?

You take voting seriously, and so do we.

WDET is committed to providing honest, fair, inclusive coverage of the local candidates and issues in the 2017 elections.

Join us now and all the way to the November to be an informed voter.

This post is a part of How's Detroit Doing?.

With voices, data, news, and experiences WDET is creating a collection of answers to this question, found at

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