Detroit Candidate Forum Series Begins Thursday Night

Laura Weber-Davis/WDET

Sheila Cockrel

It’s hard to believe we’re back in an election season, but there are some big elections right around the corner here in the the region.

That includes mayor and city clerk races in Detroit, as well as City Council.

Former city councilwoman Sheila Cockrel, also the co-founder of Citizen Detroit, is holding a series of candidate forums that begin this evening at Gleaners Community Food Bank. This evening’s event at 5:30pm will feature district candidates for city council.

Cockrel tells Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson the purpose of the candidate forum is to help voters make educated decisions in the voting booth.

You come to your own conclusions, but here are the tools to evaluate what you’re hearing,” she says.

To hear more from Cockrel on Detroit Today, click on the audio player above.

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This post is a part of 2017 Local Elections: How’s metro Detroit doing?.

2017 Local Elections: How’s metro Detroit doing?

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