Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, and Gun Control — Detroit Today Breaks Down Week’s News

Jake Neher/WDET

Stephen Henderson (left) with Matt Marsden (right)

This week President Donald Trump flew to Puerto Rico to see how the U.S. territory was impacted by Hurricane Maria.

During the visit, Trump took a few minutes to hand out emergency supplies to residents gathered to see him. He was photographed playfully throwing paper towel rolls into the crowd, a move that many critics viewed as strange at best and callously indifferent to suffering at worst.

Pretty horrible. Unpresidential. Unacceptable. Not something anyone should be doing in a situation of that nature,” says Matt Marsden, former spokesperson for then state Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, a Republican who is now a congressman.

Marsden says Trump’s presidency has been mired in ”inability to relate to anyone on the ground.” 

He tends to be flippant when he goes into areas that are not of voter-value to him.”

Marsden is co-founder of RevSix Data Systems. He says he tends to think more analytically rather than politically these days. But what he sees going on at the nation’s capital doesn’t look good, nor does it appear to be a joy for anyone working there right now.

The reality is there’s not a whole lot of good happening right now in Washington.”

Things are not good right now.”

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