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Reporter and Photographer Talk About New WDET ‘Framed By’ Project ‘Beyond Balkanization’

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Image credit: Taken by Doug Coombe / Framed by WDET

The latest in WDET’s Framed By series, documenting the Balkan communities of Metro Detroit

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Taken by Doug Coombe / Framed by WDET
Taken by Doug Coombe / Framed by WDET

We all know that our region is rich with ethnic and racial diversity. But you may not be familiar with some of the communities that live and thrive in southeast Michigan.

Beyond Balkanization” is the latest in WDET’s Framed By series, documenting the Balkan communities of Metro Detroit with sound and photography.

The exhibit — where you can listen to Balkan music and see the Framed By gallery — is open to the public tomorrow (October 5th) from 6 to 9:30 pm at Oloman Cafe in Hamtramck.

Detroit Today producer Laura Weber-Davis spoke with “Beyond Balkanization” photographer Doug Coombe, and audio producer Rob St. Mary. 

Click on the audio player above to hear the conversation.


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