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The Progressive Underground 232 feat. WAAJEED & TREY SIMON

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On this episode of The Progressive Underground, host Chris Campbell interviews WAAJEED who discusses his early days as founder of the group Platinum Pied Pipers, work with his most recent outfit Tiny Hearts and his tutelage under the late iconic producer J Dilla.  Also interviewed is acoustic soul artist TREY SIMON who will talk about his upcoming Detroit performance at 20 Front Street as well as perform an in-studio acoustic set.  Featured on this weekend’s playlist are new music exclusives from Mahalia, Levan Kali, Yazmin Lacey, Ryan Porter, Submerse and many more!  It’s a full show as the action happens this Sunday, 8-10 pm EST on 101.9 WDET and wdet.org. 


Song Artist Album
Numb Soul Clap Soul Clap
Sober Mahalia 12" single
When You Get Right Down To It The Delfonics The Delfonics
Smile Levan Kali 12" single
Cortex Fingalick Twominds
Quem e Quem E. Doza feat. Jr. Jarris 12" single
Loran's Dance Idris Muhammad Power of Soul
Nowhere I Can Go Clara Hill All I Can Provide
Jermingham Brother Terrance 12" single
Marie Yazmin Lacey 12" single
Riding High Platinum Pied Pipers 12" single
Centerfold Tiny Hearts Stay
Winston's Midnight Disco Wajeed Shango EP
Escape from Stinktown Wajeed The War LP
Song Artist Album
Star Slum Village Trinity (Past, Present And Future)
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Platinum Pied Pipers Triple P
Snow Cold Tiny Hearts Stay
Tron Wajeed The War LP
Dejate Llevar The Marias 12" single
My Angel Trey Simon 12" single
So Hard to Be Trey Simon 12" single
In-studio performance Trey Simon 12" single
Fall For You (Sandy Riviera Classic remix) Kings of Tomorrow Fall For You EP
Itsy Bitsy Spider Ryan Porter 12" single
The Difference Logic 12" single
Melonkoly Submerse 12" single

Chris Campbell, Host, The Progressive Underground

Chris Campbell has a deep interest in curating Detroit’s rich music scene and presenting it to the world-at-large.

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