New LGBTQ Podcast from WNYC Explores Being ‘Out at Work’

WNYC Studios

Nancy’ hosts Tobin Low and Kathy Tu

Michigan is one of the 28 states in the nation that doesn’t have civil-rights protections for LGBTQ people. That means they can be legally fired, denied housing, or otherwise discriminated against.

Nancy is a podcast from WNYC Studios in New York. Nancy explores the LGBTQ experience and the show recently kicked off an audience-driven project called “Out at Work,” which explores issues that LGBTQ people face in the workplace.

Nancy hosts Tobin Low and Kathy Tu join Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson to talk about the podcast, the “Out at Work” project, and the larger issues surrounding LGBTQ rights across the country.

The rights we have as LGBT workers are very patchwork,” says Low. “That, to us, is an interesting place to dive into with what people’s stories are of being out at the workplace… behind that patchwork of protections.”

The thing that everybody has to do is they have to work for a living,” says Tu. “And to be fully yourself, out, at work… it’s not a thing that everyone can do.”

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