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What’s the Future of the Music Industry Look Like? A Former Music Exec Sounds Off

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Image credit: Photo via Assemble Sound

Detroit native and music executive Mike Jbara breaks down the music industry ahead of talk tonight in Corktown

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Based out of an old church in Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, Assemble Sound is a recording studio intent on providing a space for Detroit artists to collaborate and grow. 

Outside of recording Detroit musicians, the Assemble Sound team has been hosting a monthly event known as “Assemble U.” The purpose of Assemble U is to provide people hoping to make it in the music business with insight and advice into how the industry works. 

Former president of Warner Music Group and current CEO of MQA, Mike Jbara, is this month’s Assemble U guest speaker. A native of Detroit, Jbara has worked all over the music industry and has seen firsthand how its changed over the last 20 years. 

WDET’s Ryan Patrick Hooper speaks with Jbara about the nature of the music business. 

For Jbara, it’s crucial for an emerging artist to use social media to build their fan base. 

That said, “the basics of go out, play live, build your fanbase, make sure you understand yourself and are being authentic to the music that’s important to you…still rings true.” 

Click on the audio player above for the full audio. 

Assemble U with Mike Jbara is September 14th from 6:30-8:30pm. 

Ryan Patrick Hooper, Host, CultureShift

Ryan Patrick Hooper is the host and producer of CultureShift. As a longtime arts and culture reporter.

hooper@wdet.org Follow @HooperRadio

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