Mayoral Money: How Much Duggan and Young Have Raised…So Far [CHART]

Mayor Mike Duggan continues to outpace his challenger, state Sen. Coleman Young II, in campaign fundraising, according to reports filed today with Wayne County.

The two were the top finishers in the August primary contest. Click here for full results.

As Duggan and Young head to the November general election, Duggan’s fundraising has outpaced Young’s across categories:

Contributions to Detroit Mayoral Candidate Committees

Jan. 1 – Aug. 28, 2017


Mike Duggan

Coleman Young II

No. of Contributors



Average Contribution



Total Contributions



Largest Contribution


from the Blue Cross Blue Shield PAC


from Charlotte Decker of Ann Arbor

No. of Political Action Committee (PAC) Contributions



Total PAC Contributions

$183, 624


No. of Contributions from Primary Address of “Detroit”

410 (18 percent of total)

79 (72 percent of total)

                                                                                          SOURCE: Wayne County Campaign Finance System


Other facts from the reports filed with the Wayne County Campaign Finance System:

  • It took Duggan less than three days after the August primary to raise what Young collected going into the election. Young raised $22,825 between forming his committee and the Aug. 8 contest. Duggan had 37 donors contribute $35,400 between Aug. 9 and Aug. 11.
  • Young’s total money raised from Jan. 1 to Aug, 28 was about 2 percent of Duggan’s.
  • Duggan has about 20 individual, corporate or PAC contributions for every one of Young’s.
  • Based on campaign expenditure reports for what each candidate spent this year until the primary, Duggan spent about $32 per primary vote while Young spent $1.20.


For more on Duggan’s campaign finances see:

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Image credit: WDET Digital

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