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Fourth Grade Teacher in Houston Describes Flooding [PHOTOS]

Courtesy of Jennifer Eubanks

We’ve been watching from afar over the past few days as Harvey, a hurricane-turned-tropical-storm, has hovered over the western side of the Gulf Coast. It’s dumped tens of inches of rain on Houston and parts of Texas and Louisiana, and is expected to keep going for several days.

Jennifer Eubanks, a fourth grade teacher from the Houston suburb of Katy, joins Detroit Today this morning to give her first-hand account of what neighborhoods in and around Houston look like right now and how people are weathering the storm.  She and her family have evacuated their home. 

Click on the audio player above to hear the full conversation.

Below are some photos of her neighborhood and her family’s efforts to save their belongings.

Courtesy of Jennifer Eubanks
Courtesy of Jennifer Eubanks
Courtesy of Jennifer Eubanks
Courtesy of Jennifer Eubanks


Image credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Eubanks

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