Wildlife Managers Tighten Rules to Help Curb Spread of Deadly Deer Disease

Michigan wildlife managers are notifying people about new regulations for anyone who hunts deer out-of-state. The changes prohibit hunters from bringing a deer carcass back to Michigan. Deer, Elk and Moose Specialist with the DNR, Chad Stewart, says Chronic Wasting Disease is spreading across the country and Michigan wildlife officials are trying to prevent more of it from coming into the state.

  “You are restricted in what you can bring back into the state. You can only bring in deboned meet, antlers, clean skull caps that are attached to the antlers, obviously. Hides, finished taxidermy mounts. Basically you cannot bring back the skull, brains, spinal column of the actual animal that you harvest” -Chad Stewart

Chronic Wasting Disease is a neurological condition that leads to starvation. It is primarily spread through deer urine. Stewart says if the disease can’t be controlled, ultimately it could force the state to curtail deer hunting. 

Image credit: Courtesy of Wisconsin DNR via CWD Alliance/Michigan DNR

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