Students and Pros Design Study Space at Osborne High


Gensler designed the City Year room at Osborne High School.

City Year Detroit places young people between 18 and 25 years old in 7 schools in the city to provide tutoring and other services to students.

At Osborne High School and Noble Elementary-Middle School, the rooms where corps members do that work have undergone a makeover. The design firm D-Pop redesigned the space at Noble. Gensler redesigned the City Year room at Osborne.

City Year Detroit Executive Director Andrew Stein and John Waller, Managing Director of Gensler, say the project was about more than making a pretty room. The work the firms did with students to design the space was even more important.

We often talk about things we need to do for our students or things that need to happen with students… We sometimes forget that we can ask the students and we can put them at the center of these decisions.” — Andrew Stein, Executive Director, City Year Detroit

Image credit: Gensler

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