Kildee Says Democrats Worried About Republicans After Shooting

Several members of Congress, including Michigan Representative Mike Bishop, were among those targeted by a gunman on a baseball field near Washington D.C. Tuesday morning.  Five people were wounded in that attack.  The gunman was killed by police.

The group of Republicans was practicing for a charity baseball game scheduled for Wednesday night.

Democrats held their practice at a different location.  Congressman Dan Kildee was at that practice when he heard the news about his Republican colleagues.

Kildee says shortly after getting the word, his team didn’t know if the shooting was part of a bigger attack.

So, we just kind of huddled there and waited for the Capitol police to arrive,” says Kildee.

The 5th District Congressman says the Democrats’ attention quickly turned to the welfare of their Republican colleagues who were attacked.

Kildee says, “They’re our friends.  They’re people that we work with every day.”

This is really something that people have taken quite personally.”

Image credit: WDET

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