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Detroit’s First All Vegan Coney Island Coming Soon

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Image credit: Pete LaCombe/Chili Mustard Onions

A new coney island opening in Brush Park will feature an all vegan menu…including a vegan coney dog.

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Detroit may soon see its first all vegan Coney Island restaurant. “Chili Mustard Onions” is scheduled to open in Brush Park in August. Pete LaCombe is the chef and owner of the restaurant. He says the menu will feature food found on any Coney Island menu, but as vegan options. That includes a “vegan coney dog.” He spoke with WDET’s Bre’Anna Tinsley about the menu. 

It’s more of a way to reach people that don’t get it. And they think that if they have to eat vegan it going to be tempeh and tofu and kale, when it doesn’t have to be. It can be a coney dog, a chili cheese fry. That’s what its about for me and offer them the comfort food that they’re used to but veganized.”


Bre'Anna Tinsley, Reporter

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