Gary Peters Joins Detroit Today from the Mackinac Policy Conference

This week President Donald Trump suggested it would be best and easiest to get work done on his agenda if the Senate changed its rules, and eliminated the filibuster for legislative measures. That would dramatically change a U.S. Senate that’s used the filibuster as a tool for reasonable debate for 100 years. But how likely is the filibuster subject to elimination?

U.S. Senator Gary Peters joins Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson to talk about the future of the chamber, and President Trump’s new budget proposal. Trump has proposed eliminating funding for Great Lakes restoration efforts. Many senators from both parties have said that move is a non-starter for budget negotiations.

I think there’s a growing recognition that the Great Lakes are an important resource for the entire country,” says Peters.

To hear more from Peters on Detroit Today, broadcasting live from the Mackinac Policy Conference, click on the audio player above.



Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

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