What Would Trump’s Proposed Budget Mean for Michigan?

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President Donald Trump’s budget proposal released Tuesday could hurt Michigan residents currently benefiting from social welfare programs, Michigan Public Radio Network State Capitol Bureau Chief Rick Pluta tells Detroit Today Host Stephen Henderson.

The $4.1 trillion proposal increases defense spending by 10 percent, while slashing funds to Medicaid, federal research, Social Security disability benefits and food stamps programs, among others. Congress is unlikely to adopt Trump’s plan—also heavily criticized for accounting errors—and state Republicans are speaking out against the proposed budget. 

(Rep.) Fred Upton (R—St. Joseph), the senior member of the Michigan delegation, called the plan a non-starter,” says Pluta. “The reaction from Michigan Republicans is significant.” 

Michigan would be uniquely affected by the elimination of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The Trump administration claims state and local agencies can adequately maintain the lakes, but Michigan lawmakers from both parties argue the $300 million program is vital in cleaning up toxic pollution, as well as the spread of invasive species in the region. 

This would be eliminating lakes programs that go back generations,” Pluta points out.

Cuts to Medicaid should also concern Michigan residents, Pluta says, as the budget calls for $610 billion in cuts to healthcare coverage for low-income adults. Gov. Rick Snyder (R) says bloc grants would move states like Michigan to offload “expenses onto hospitals and other programs instead.” 

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