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Collective Peace Celebrates Mother’s Day with New Soul Sunday

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Collective Peace drops by New Soul Sunday to discuss music, the influence of Detroit, and their upcoming show

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Less than one year after their debut release, “Introducing Collective Peace” stormed the scene, New Soul Sunday sits down with Collective Peace band members Ideeyah, Kamau and Kris to discuss the group’s founding, Detroit, influences, how the combination of Sean “P Diddy” and vodka produced the debut single, and their forthcoming May 20th show at the Charles H. Wright Museum.

Nick Austin
Nick Austin

Collective Peace was originated by saxophonist, LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson and LaKeisha “Ideeyah” Johnson.
When asked to perform at “Dilla Day”, a day in honor of the great James “J-Dilla” Yancey, (Producer & founding member of Slum Village), Saxappeal put together a band.

Nick Austin, Host, Soul Saturday

Nick Austin hosts Soul Saturday, merging genres like soul and hip-hop with electronica and funk into a rich tapestry of sound that is uniquely Detroit.

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