Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley Debate GOP’s Healthcare Plan

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Nolan Finley

President Trump has said one of his first goals in office is to repeal and replace the federal healthcare law. Now, he and Republicans in Congress are making progress toward that goal.

A plan to overhaul health insurance in American narrowly passed the state House yesterday. It now goes to the U.S. Senate.

It’s not yet clear how many millions of people could lose health insurance under the plan, but estimates of a previous version of the plan put that number over 20 million. It’s also unclear what will happen in the end to people with pre-existing conditions — which, by the way, is the vast majority of us — but we do know it will significantly scale back protections for those patients.

Will we see the savings in premiums and deductibles that Trump and Republicans promise? What will this mean for the economy and small businesses? Will this clear the Senate?

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson debates these questions and the government’s approach to healthcare policy with Nolan Finley, editor of the Detroit News editorial page.

I don’t think the Republican majority has expressed any sort of compassion at all for (low-income) folks, even though a lot of those folks are their voters,” says Henderson.

Finley calls the Affordable Care Act “a disaster,” and says this “begins to solve some problems with the ACA,” although he has it’s wrong to strip protections from people with preexisting conditions.

I know it’s part of an answer,” says Finley. “I know this atmosphere in Washington where it’s become a political gotcha game and no one wants to work together on this is an absolute affront to the American people who depend on health insurance and a healthy system that works.”

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