Detroit Ranks Top Ten in Fastest Construction Job Growth

Bre’Anna Tinsley/WDET

Dannis Mitchell, Director of Workforce Development, Barton Malow Company (left); Brian Turmail, National Spokesperson, Association of General Contractors of America (center), Darryl Massa, Chairman, AGC of Michigan and Vice President, Granger Construction (right)

Detroit made the top ten list of US metro areas with the highest growth rate in construction jobs. That’s according to an analysis released by the Associated General Contractors of America.

Detroit added 2,900 construction jobs in the last year, a 15 percent increase.

Brian Turmail is the spokesperson for the association. He says construction jobs in Detroit were hard to come by not too long ago.

That’s why the General Associated Contractors of America is working to support efforts to improve the tax and regulatory environment for construction companies,” Turmail says. “And that’s why we are working to put in place trade federal infrastructure investment programs that help boost demand for new construction.”

Turmail says pro-growth measures that encourage development are the best way to ensure the continued growth of construction jobs in metropolitan areas like Detroit. 

Image credit: Bre'Anna Tinsley/WDET

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