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Bats Avoid Moonlight? What? Why? How?

Contrary to popular belief, it appears that some bats may not be fond of moonlight.

A new study conducted in Oakland County shows evidence that some bat species may actually avoid hunting during a full moon. 

The phenomena called Lunar Phobia is not widely studied in bats.

Jenna Orr, Education Specialist for the Organization for Bat Conservation, tells WDET’s Amy Miller preliminary data shows bats may be influenced by moonlight in the same way other species can be

Click on the audio link above to hear the entire conversation

Image credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Aired on: Morning Edition
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Amy Miller


Amy has been working in public and commercial radio for the last 30 yrs. She is an award winning reporter and news anchor, born and raised in Detroit.   Follow @wdetamy

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