Michigan Business Tax Burden Rank Goes Down, Still Lower Than National Average

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Michigan is the 16th least expensive state when it comes to how much in profits businesses put toward taxes.

That’s according to an annual study released Monday. This is a drop from last year’s ranking of 12th.

Patrick Anderson is the CEO of Anderson Economic Group. They release the study every year. He said Michigan has dropped a few spots in the rankings.

But he said it still has lower business taxes than the national average.

It’s a little bit easier to do business, a little bit less expensive to hire a worker and invest in Michigan than in the average state,” he said

Anderson said one of the ways to improve the ranking is get rid of the personal property tax.

A lot of people aren’t aware for example that every chair, every computer, every office furnishing in the state is still technically taxed by the government and that’s one of the things that’s still annoying and still is expensive in Michigan,” he said.

While Michigan has dropped, and still has not hit the top ten, it’s come a long way Anderson said.

Michigan had a reputation as being one of the worst states in the entire country to do business in.”

Michigan was ranked 32nd in 2011. 

Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

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