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Flint to Stay on GLWA Service

The City of Flint announced Tuesday it will keep the Great Lakes Water Authority as its drinking water source under a new 30-year contract.

The Authority says the city will have the same rights and privileges as their other customers, as well as access to the Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP).

Great Lakes Water Authority CEO Sue McCormick says WRAP provides many resources such as bill payment and plumbing repair assistance.

Where it’s contributing to high bills, or where there are plumbing fixtures in the kitchen or in the bathroom, where there are faucets that people will drink from, and those faucets predate the lead-free plumbing code,” McCormick says. “So, the program will also assist people in getting the lead out within their homes for those particular fixtures.”

McCormick says the program will provide customers with up to $25 per month for bill assistance.

She says the contract will provide a stable and trusted water source for Flint. 

Image credit: Amber Neher

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