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Heard on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson

What Could Trump Learn From Michigan About Running Government Like a Business?

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Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

What are the pros and cons of running government like a business?

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Gov. Rick Snyder before his State of the State Address in JanuaryOffice of state Sen. Dale Zorn

Gov. Rick Snyder before his State of the State Address in January

The Flint Water Crisis is something critics of the Snyder administration say highlights the problems with running government like a business. They say business is about money. Government — on the other hand — is about people.

But given the financial state Michigan was in several years ago, has Gov. Rick Snyder’s business experience been an asset in putting Michigan’s books back in order?

We now have a president who comes in as a business man with no political experience.

What could President Trump learn from Michigan and Snyder, good or bad, about running government like a business. 

Sandy Baruah, President and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, and Roger Martin, partner at Martin Waymire political PR firm in Lansing, join Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today

People who think that government should run like a business are wrong,” Baruah says. “And people who say that government should not use any business principals are equally wrong.” 

Martin says there are principals of good business management that government can benefit from, but only to a certain extent as the end goals of business and government are different.  

The motivation of a for-profit business, is profit,” Martin says. “The primary function of government is social and civic public interest.”  

Click on the audio player above to hear the full conversation.

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