AAA Says Gas Prices Will Rise This Summer

Remember when gasoline was less than two dollars a gallon? It wasn’t that long ago. 

AAA’s daily price survey shows that Michigan drivers were paying about $1.95 per gallon in March 2016. As of March 29 this year, the average stood at $2.33 per gallon for regular grade gas. The auto club says it expects the nationwide average to approach $3 this summer. One reason is that fuel producers are switching over to a summer fuel blend that creates less air pollution, but is more expensive to make. AAA’s Michigan Public Affairs Director Susan Hiltz tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller the increase probably won’t hinder summer tourism in Michigan, but it could cause drivers to adjust their habits. Hiltz says combining errands, driving less, and carpooling are among the top changes drivers make to offset higher fuel prices. Click on the audio player to hear the conversation.

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