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Trump’s Michigan Co-Chair Spars Over Week’s News with Stephen Henderson

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Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

[Trump] speaks the truth. His truth, the truth.”

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Lena EpsteinJake Neher/WDET
Jake Neher/WDET

Lena Epstein

This week President Donald Trump made unsubstantiated claims that President Barack Obama’s administration had wiretapped his home in New York City.

His supporters say its the responsibility of lawmakers in Congress to investigate the claims, and determine if illegal action was taken against Trump before he became president.

Lena Epstein was co-chair of Trump’s campaign in Michigan. She says she knows what the president says can sometimes be inflammatory or polarizing. 

I think most people, including myself, expected him to stay the same [between the campaign and the election],” says Epstein.

She says part of what makes President Trump attractive as a politician to many people is his shoot-from-the-hip style.

He speaks the truth. His truth. The truth.”

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