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Detroit Tops List Of Cities Where Pay Goes Furthest

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Image credit: Quinn Klinefelter/WDET

Glassdoor.com says Detroit scored the lowest cost-of-living ratio in its study of U.S. cities.

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Paychecks go farther in Detroit than any other American city, according to data collectors at a jobs website.

The study conducted by Glassdoor, of Mill Valley, Calif., compares a city’s median home value to its median salary. Detroit had the lowest ratio.

Allison Barry, Glassdoor’s community expert, says the data  also show Detroit has a large number of available jobs compared to other major cities.

We’re really excited to see Detroit at the top of the list,” she says. “There’s really great opportunity to find a job, and then the cost of living is actually pretty affordable.”.

The study does not consider other expenses such as car insurance or health care.

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