Stabenow Introduces Plan to Bring Jobs Back to U.S.

A senior member of Michigan’s Congressional delegation is proposing a plan to offer tax credits to firms that move jobs and production from overseas back to the United States.

U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) says the “Bring Jobs Home Act” would also close what she calls a tax loophole that rewarded companies for outsourcing jobs overseas.

Stabenow says she initially sponsored the plan several years ago but it was stopped by Republicans in Congress.

But Stabenow says it’s a new day with the Trump Administration in place.


So I’m hopeful that if President Trump supports it he’ll reach out to his Republican majority to support it as well. Because that’s what stopped it from becoming law,” Stabenow said.


When Stabenow originally proposed the legislation Republicans in Congress countered that Democrats should work with them to cut corporate tax rates if they were truly interested in retaining jobs in the U.S.

Senate Republicans voted against Stabenow’s plan after Democratic leaders prevented them from adding amendments onto the proposal.

Stabenow is reintroducing the measure just as President Trump is ordering a travel ban on some immigrants.

Stabenow says the move is making the state, and the nation, less safe, especially for those living in the large Arab and Arab-American communities in Dearborn and Sterling Heights.

She says the travel ban could destroy bridges of trust law enforcement officials have tried to build within Arab communities here.


Stabenow said, “We have a wonderful community in Michigan that works every day with law enforcement, being the eyes and ears on the ground, to make sure our families and our neighborhoods are safe. And I very much am concerned about what happens to that cooperation.”


One of Dearborn’s major tenants is also expressing concern over the ban.

Executives with the Ford Motor Company say the travel ban is contrary to the automakers’ core vision of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Stabenow talked about both the travel ban and her jobs proposal with WDET’s Quinn Klinefelter.

Image credit: WDET

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