How Are Michigan Republicans Reacting to Trump’s First Week?

Jake Neher/WDET

State Sen. Phil Pavlov (R-Saint Clair) (right) with Stephen Henderson (left)

The first week of President Donald Trump’s term has been a busy one. He has signed numerous orders related to immigration, refugees, trade, and other hot-button issues. He has also continued to inflame his contentious relationship with the press

What has Trump’s first week told us about how the next four years will go? Is he doing the right things?

I think Donald Trump did a very effective job at connecting with the dissatisfaction that’s out there, and how he connected with that was promising action,” says state Sen. Phil Pavlov (R-Saint Clair)

And I think the first four or five days of his administration have clearly shown a path of action.”  

Pavlov joins Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson to discuss Trump’s proposed 20% tax on Mexican imports and an executive order to build a border wall, among other things.

Pavlov says industry and technology leaders are beginning to talk with a sense of optimism and about bringing jobs back to the United States. And he says the the United States has done a poor job keeping track of those who come into our country.

I would just say to listeners, particularly in Southeast Michigan, we’re on a border,” he says. “We don’t see the mass pressures and testing of that border here. But I assure you the conversation would be different if Southeast Michigan was the penetrated point.” 

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