Kitchens of Detroit: Gold Cash Gold Chef Brendan Edwards

Photo by Ferris Anthony

In Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, you’ll have a hard time trying to find parking, let alone a place to rent, but you won’t be even the least bit challenged finding stellar eats and something cold and boozy with which to wash it down.

Take Gold Cash Gold, a former pawn shop converted into a restaurant that opened in late 2014. 

Under the direction of Chef Josh Stockton, the eatery carved (chopped, cooked, fried, sauteed, you name it) out a space in Detroit’s greater culinary community as an approachable place with highly executed progressive American dishes, including some of the best friend chicken in the Midwest.  

Stockton recently left Detroit to work in Las Vegas, but before doing so he the keys to the kitchen were handed to his confidant and collaborator Brendan Edwards, who has worked at noted restaurants such as Forest Grill in Birmingham and downtown Detroit’s Roast, who helped open Gold Cash Gold, as well as new additions to Detroit in Antietam and Standby.

Edwards spoke about his history, “progressive American” food philosophy, and his preferred kitchen soundtrack with WDET’s Travis Wright.  

Photos by Ferris Anthony Check out his work on Instagram @ferristhefoodie

Image credit: Photo by Ferris Anthony

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