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What Will A Trump Presidency Mean For Your Pocketbook?

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We’re looking at a whole bunch of consumer protections that are either going away… or won’t be enforced.”

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We’ve heard a lot in the past couple months about how president-elect Donald Trump might shape the American economy, through new trade policy, changes in tax policy, and incentivizing companies to keep or create jobs in America.

But how will Trump’s leadership trickle down — to borrow a phrase — to the consumer? How could the personal finances of individuals be affected with the decisions of the coming administration?

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson speaks with former Detroit News personal finance columnist Brian O’Connor. 

O’Connor says there are plenty of changes on the horizon for personal finances under a Trump administration.

We’re looking at a whole bunch of consumer protections that are either going away… or won’t be enforced,” he says.

O’Connor says creating a long-term strategy, and not just being reactionary, is important for families and individuals.

For anybody long term, it’s always best to have a plan and stick to it.”

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