Best of Windsor Cookbook Looks at Restaurants and Recipes

Windsor is known for having a beautiful waterfront, as well as producing thousands of vehicles each year.  But it also has an interesting culinary scene.

Jonathan Pinto is a producer at CBC Radio Windsor and is the author of “The Best of Windsor Cookbook”.  It takes a look at area restaurants while sharing some of their favorite recipes.

WDET’s Jerome Vaughn asked with Pinto how he got interested in fine cuisine.  Pinto says his love of fine cuisine comes from his parents. 

He says, “My dad’s a chef.  My mom’s an incredible cook and so, I always grew up with incredible food.”

Pinto says W the book has allowed him to reflect the city’s diversity.  He says, “Windsor is more than what some people would call ‘a lunch bucket town’. It’s got incredible Asian food.  It’s got a little bit of everything.”

The book is available at Biblioasis and at restaurants around Windsor.

Image credit: Jerome Vaughn

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