Ronna Romney McDaniel Poised To Lead Republican National Committee

The leader of the Michigan Republicans appears to be on her way to leading the national party – with the backing of President-elect Donald Trump.

Michigan GOP Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel was named by the Republican National Committee as a top deputy chair. That effectively puts her in charge of the party as the current chair Reince Priebus transitions into the new job of being President-elect Donald Trump’s chief of staff.

Trump also announced his support for Romney McDaniel officially becoming the RNC chair next year.


Romney McDaniel remained a loyal Trump booster through the controversies of the election campaign, and helped make him the first Republican presidential nominee to win Michigan since 1988. 

Gov. Rick Snyder posted this on his Facebook page in response to the announcement:

Ronna Romney McDaniel is an excellent choice to lead the Republican National Committee and I congratulate her on this selection. Ronna has proven to be a talented leader – I know firsthand about her talent, smart foresight and strategic advice. I’m excited for the entire country to see the hard work and determination of this great Michigander as she shows the nation that in Michigan, we know how to get things done. I once again congratulate President-elect Trump on his impressive victory and stand united to ensure his success as President of our country.


Image credit: Michigan Republican Party

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