Rhythmic History: Poet & Professor M.L. Liebler Gathers Detroit Writers to Expound on Motor City Music

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Image credit: Heaven Was Detroit - Wayne State University Press

A new book titled ‘Heaven Was Detroit’ compiles creative essays that tell the story of Detroit music history

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Heaven Was Detroit - Wayne State University Press
Heaven Was Detroit - Wayne State University Press

Detroit Poet and Wayne State University professor M.L. Leiber has edited a new, exciting book for Wayne State University Press called “Heaven Was Detroit.” The pages compile a comprehensive collection of creative essays that tell true stories of Detroit’s music over the decades, delving deep into the jazz, rock, blues, techno, hip-hop, country and, of course, Motown.

M.L. Liebler
M.L. Liebler

This book is a testament to Detroit music but also Detroit writers. And it’s yours when you make a gift of $30 a month to WDET on Friday, December 9th and Saturday the 10th. When you do that right now, you’re also paying for promotional air-time for ten youth-focused non-profits in Metro Detroit. 

Here’s M.L. Liebler talking about where the book “Heaven Was Detroit” got its name

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