James Feagin Gives The Lowdown On DET Insiders Project

James Feagin

For about a year, WDET has been holding small community meetings with residents and business owners all over the city of Detroit. It’s part of our DET Insiders project — an effort to connect our reporters and producers with people who are working to make a difference in their neighborhoods.

James Feagin, a consultant who’s heading up the project for WDET, tells Detroit Today producer Jake Neher it’s about finding new ways to tell stories about the communities we cover at WDET.

(We’re) really building relationships that allow for a couple of things — number one, deeper storytelling as we look at some of the major topics that are going to face the city going forward,” says Feagin, “but also looking to elevate the platform for these great folks.”

They’re a lot of the types of Detroiters that I don’t think we talk enough about. They’re on the ground every day despite the challenges working every day to make their blocks better… and advance the causes that are important to them.”

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Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

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