What Does Overtime Limbo Mean For SE Michigan Businesses, Workers?

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The future is uncertain for a federal rule that would extend overtime pay to millions of workers.

The new rule was supposed to take effect on Thursday. But a federal judge blocked its implementation last week with a nationwide injunction.

WDET’s Jake Neher speaks with a Michigan employment attorney about how businesses and workers in Southeast Michigan are dealing with the uncertainty.


Rebecca Davies of Butzel Long says employers are all taking different approaches.

The employers that we represent are taking a variety of actions,” says Davies. “Some have not taken any steps yet. And so for those companies that haven’t acted with respect to these changes, the answer is easy for them - do nothing.”

With some employers,” she says, “they have gone too far with respect to the implementation. And having to try to peel back the layers of this would be difficult, if not impossible. Although maybe not legally required to do so, it would affect the morale of the employees so much that they’re not going to address the issue.”

But some companies in the middle can try to roll back some of the steps they’ve already taken, Davies says.

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