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The Milo Minute: Episode 1

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Image credit: Courtesy of Jeff Milo

This is the inaugural segment of The Milo Minute, exploring must-hit local music shows each week.

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Courtesy of Jeff Milo
Courtesy of Jeff Milo

The man. The myth. The Milo.

Everybody loves Milo because Milo’s got more love for Detroit music than most any soul in the city. Longtime Detroit music journalist Jeff Milo has been plugging eyes and ears into the Detroit scene with his thorough Deep Cutz blog and recently upped the ante online via YouTube with The Milo Show (catch the latest episode below). 

This is the inaugural weekly segment of The Milo Minute, which, if we can promise anything, will always be longer than just one minute. The idea is to tap into his mad, mad mind and mine for two or three “must hit” concerts.

This week on Milo’s calendar are bands Valley Hush and Zander Michigan, as well as a new store called Third Wave Music.

Valley Hush is holding a record release show this Friday, Nov. 25 at El Club.

Zander Michigan has a record release show this Saturday, Nov. 26 at The Loving Touch.

The full-service instrument store Third Wave Music is hosting a Grand Opening this Wednesday, Nov. 23 at Forest Arms Apartments on Second Avenue and Prentis with  live performances Wednesday through Sunday, Nov. 27. 

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