Michigan Appeals Order to Deliver Bottled Water to Flint

State officials say they will appeal a judge’s order that Michigan deliver bottled water to some residents in Flint.

A federal judge recently required officials with Governor Rick Snyder’s office and the city of Flint to deliver cases of bottled water each day to Flint residents who do not have a functioning faucet filter.

But state officials argue that the order places what they call an insurmountable burden on the government, estimating it would cost Michigan more than $10 million a month to comply.

The state already offers bottled water in Flint at certain distribution centers and some limited home deliveries.

Flint residents have been advised to use filters since the state acknowledged that a failure to properly treat pipes allowed the city’s water supply to become contaminated with lead.

The federal judge in the case is giving those who sued to force bottled water deliveries until the middle of this week to respond to the state’s request to block the order.

Image credit: Bre'Anna Tinsley/WDET

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