L. Brooks Patterson Wins 7th Term As Oakland County Executive

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L. Brooks Patterson

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has won a 7th four-year term.

His opponent, former state Rep. Vicki Barnett (D-Farmington Hills), conceded the race late Tuesday night.  

The race was closer than many Patterson has faced since he was first elected to the position in 1992, although he claimed early Tuesday night that Barnett was “one of the weakest” challengers he’s faced, and that “it just was not a very tough campaign.”



From Barnett’s Twitter account:

Patterson says he still has plenty to give to the county, even at 77 years old.

I have a rule, and I’ll exercise that rule, if I wake up on a Monday morning and don’t look forward to going to work, then I’ll know it’s time,” said Patterson. ”Right now, it’s not time.”

Patterson reaffirmed that this will probably be his last term as Oakland County executive no matter what, and he touted the county’s financial success over many years.

But Patterson has also faced criticism recently for standing in the way of a refugee resettlement project in Pontiac and refusing to campaign in favor of the failed Regional Transit Authority (RTA) millage, among other things.

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