Bats are Mammals Too!

There is a mammal that gets extra attention this time of year…bats! Over the decades bats have become a scary symbol at Halloween. But the truth is, bats are generally harmless and tend to be helpful to the environment. Among other positive attributes, bats eat insects that can damage crops and some that annoy people, like mosquitoes The International Union for the Conservation of Nature lists 26 bat species as critically endangered, 51 other species are endangered, and a whopping 954 bat species are considered vulnerable. To bring awareness to the value and plight of bats, this is designated as Bat Week. And to take a closer look at Michigan’s bat population WDET’s Amy Miller spoke with Rob Mies, Executive Director of the Organization for Bat Conservation at Cranbrook Institue of Science. He says Michigan provides a good climate for a number of bat species.


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Image credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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