Do What She Says: Meet Detroit’s Sultry Pop Diva Bevlove

Bevlove at WDET

Continuing her ascent through the local music scene, Detroit pop singer Bevlove has steadily honed her vocal power over the last few years while carving out her place in the music community scene. The work has paid off for the dedicated, self-described diva. 

Bevlove has a hot new single and video out with her BDSM-themed track “Do What I Say” (watch below)  from her new EP, titled Talk That Shit, the release of which is being celebrated this Saturday (10-22-16) with a concert at El Club in southwest Detroit. 

Listen to Bevlove talk with WDET’s Travis Wright about her career and the process of collaboratinng with producer SYBLYNG at Assemble Sound


Bevlove | Do What I Say from The Right Brothers on Vimeo.

Image credit: Bevlove at WDET

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