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Bill and Hillary Clinton Hit Battleground States of Michigan, Ohio Today

Former President Bill Clinton campaigns for his wife Hillary Clinton in Michigan today.

Bill Clinton will attend a Democratic Party rally in Saginaw and a similar event at the University of Michigan – Flint.

The Hillary Clinton campaign says the former president will tout his wife’s vision for helping blue collar voters and urge people to register for the upcoming election.

Democrats are counting on a large turnout to help counter Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s pitch to middle-class workers that he can stop companies from moving manufacturing jobs out of the U.S.

Bill Clinton walked with union members recently during Detroit’s annual Labor Day parade.

But Clinton, who was called “America’s first black president” because of his work on behalf of African Americans, also provides a counterpoint to Trump’s outreach to black voters.

 The Midwest remains a political battleground. Trump held a rally in Novi and made fund-raising stops in Detroit and Grand Rapids late last week. Hillary Clinton campaigns in Toledo today. 

Image credit: Rick Pluta/MPRN

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