This Island Earth Playlist September 10, 2016

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Song Artist Album
Armstrong The Adjusters Before the Revolution
Latin Goes Ska Brown Rice Family Havana To Kingston
Home Cooking Tony Allen Home Cooking
Inner City Blues Makes Me Want To Holler Chicago Afrobeat Project Nyash Up
Mister Juke HK Saltimbanks Rallumers D’etoiles
De New York A Paris Gink Goa Gink Goa EP
Ca Plane Pour Moi Plastic Bertrand New Wave Hits of the 80’s
Freedom Of Choice Devo Devo Greatest Hits
Invitation To A Situation Yohimbe Brothers Front End Lifter
Le Travail Gen Seme Gen Seme
Y Ba Ye - Get Your Ya Bas Out Mix Ofra Haza Ya Ba Ye Remixes
Anta Rachid Taha Racid Taha the Definitive Collection
Jungle Fiction Rachid Taha Rachid Taha The Definitive Collection
Guetho A Liso Kando Bongo Man Hurricane Zouk
Africa Spam Allstars Electodomesticos
Okunrin To O Sise Africa Gumbe Africa Gumbe
Larshuma Watcha Clan Nomade AKA
Taki Rari Bombay Rickey Cinefonia
Trocitos De Madera Le Yeros Viene D Mi
Me Gusta Sidestepper 3 AM (In Beats We Trust)
In the Beats We Trust Side Stepper 3AM (In Beats We Trust)
Wilderness Speedometer Version Excursion
Kif Kif Afrodizz Kif Kif

Ismael Ahmed, Host, This Island Earth

Ismael Ahmed is the host of “This Island Earth.” The son of first generation immigrants, Ismael Ahmed is co-founder of The Arab American National Museum in Dearborn and now serves as an executive member of its advisory board.

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