Bill Clinton to Campaign at Detroit Labor Day Parade

A former U.S. president who could become the nation’s First Gentleman is set to campaign in Detroit next week.

Bill Clinton will attend the city’s annual Labor Day parade.

Detroit’s Labor Day parade typically attracts big-name Democrats, especially in election years when candidates want to firm-up support from unions and cement efforts to get out the vote.

At this year’s event former President Bill Clinton will stump for his wife Hillary Clinton.

The former president has long enjoyed support from Detroit’s electorate.

But his signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement has become an issue in the current presidential campaign, harshly criticized by some union officials who argue it allowed companies to outsource jobs overseas.

Hillary Clinton will campaign in Ohio on Labor Day, a state where polls show the race tightening between her and Republican rival Donald Trump.

The GOP nominee will visit an African American church in Detroit and tape an interview with its pastor on Saturday as part of his outreach to the black community.

Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

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