This Island Earth Playlist August 27, 2016

Song Artist Album
Banzani Donaovan Banzani
9.15 South Africa the Greatest Songs Ever Amampondo
Njoka Rising Tide Mokoomba
Siempre Presente Alma Afrobeat Ensemble It’s Time
Sharakara Cheikh Lo Red Hot & fela 1
Carnival Killer Carnival Killer Denyse Plummer
Mimar Voce Timbalada Tribal Bahia
Papa Loko RAM 6 Manman M Se Ginen
Dale Palo Palo Palo Live
Coco Seco Earth Island Orchestra/ Ft Mikey Figeroa Earth Island Orchestra
Cadillac Combustible Edison I Swinger
Likes Of Lessons Hot Stove Jimmy Ska American Style
Kapsa Dr. Calypso Ska United
That’ll Do Nicely Bad Manners Ska United
Anti Racist Soldiers Spool & The Guay Ska United
Bury My Hear At Wounded Knee Buffy Sainte-Marie Coincidence And Likely Stories
Rattle Bone Robbie Robertson Contact From the Underworld Of Redboy
Sacrifice Robbie Robertson Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy
How Many More Times Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 1
Kashmir Robin Eubanks kLassik rock vol.1
The downward Pull Of Heaven’s (1) Force Babble Babble
Tribe Babble Babble
Beautiful Babble Babble
Chiqulines Bajofondo Tango Club Mardulce

Image credit: WDET

Aired on: This Island Earth
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Ismael Ahmed

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he has lead Detroit’s Concert of Colors, one of the largest world music festivals in the United States, which he co-curates and co-chairs.  

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